Vlachos Ilias

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist, Clinical Fellow in the 1st Psychiatry Clinic NKUA



inspired by Vlassis Caniaris’, Aspects of racism II



Vlassis Caniaris, Aspects of Racism II, mobilized in me associations related to the vulnerability and the defenselessness of the naked body, regardless of color and race.

In addition, I was moved when I remembered the monument with the bronzenshoes  on the Danube Bank in Budapest, a work by Can Togay and Gyula Pauer, dedicated to the Jews assassinated by the Hungarian fascist party in 1944 on the banks of the river -their dead bodies thrown in the water with no shoes on, barefoot and defenseless were carried away by the current. The photo I found on the internet is by Nikodem Niyaki (photo 1).

Finally, I submit three random pictures taken by me, with my shoes on, while noticing my feet as vehicles when moving towards our goals.So, photo number 2 is taken in an urban context, on the sidewalk, while the following ones long for a return to the wisdom of the trees (3) or trace the steps of others in the melting snow (4) and on the grass that begins to grow again – all these three pictures are taken in front of and inside Eleftherias Park in Athens on different days.