Theodoropoulou Fotini

Τherapeutic care worker - KETHEA ARIADNI



inspired by Kimsooja’s, Bottari 


Kimsooja, Emotions & Thoughts:

Individualities scattered, alienated. Individualities with emotional and cultural wealth. “Colorful” individualities, unable to share their “heritage”. Unstable, without “their” position. Loneliness. Insecurity. Fear of tomorrow, fear of self.

Picture Analysis Reply:

In contrast to the movement, to what seems temporary and uncertain, the painting shows the effect of the wrong “rhizome”. It shows the damage brought upon individuality by an environment that is not conducive to personal development. It depicts the loneliness, regardless of the crowd of people that surrounds a person. The tree is bare and alone, covered by fog, hazy. At its base a female figure is barely seen, also covered by the same fog. Shetends to disappear. The “soul”, the source of life of the tree has been altered, lost in the barren and monotonous environment. Without the soul, only branches dried and empty will be left. They have no power to bloom.

The tree is slowly dying, staying in a cold and inhospitable place is killing it.


(Oil, acrylic paste and chalk on canvas, 50 × 70cm)