Psilou Dimitra



inspired by Nikos Kessanlis’, Wall

You thought you bogged down. You thought your reserves were over.

Is that what you wished for?

You make your fortune from your personal wall.

Turn around, turn inside yourself and nail a mirror.


What do you see?

Reflection of the inside and outside. You are the same.

Interaction with your internal stimulus, the environment.

You climb like an ivy on the wall of your luck.

Your organs behave with the same energy that you experience in your external space-time.

Breath and air

Heartbeat City pulse

Inflammation and tension in your daily routine

Υοu know your needs deep inside and you decide them.

Nature whispers to you the direction on the path of love and dialogue with your body.

Seize the conversation with your wall, do not be frightened by its shadow.

Bloom like a flower that wakes up bleary in the morning on the mountain.




inspired by Georgios Xenos’, Untitled

The importance of now hides the past

and builds the light in the future.

Fear came and engraved the mind, the emotion nestled in the core .

A bunch of neurons crammed into your amygdala ready to devour

the primitive awe.

who is managing whom?

can you impose on your inner self or does it occupy you?

That transparent inside screams and demands dialogue. Do you live it?

do you hear it?

are you looking to settle the temporary?

One, two, three, thirteen, a thousand and thirteen … differences trapped and unexpressed

You wonder what makes you smile. Go out! See! Feel!

Find your treasure, the elements and your ghosts in green, in blue

to your east and west.

Embroider you.

Rebirth is hidden in shame and screams for help.

Gray in a straight line but eyes up high!

People like autumn leaves scattered waiting for their death

as in your cells apoptosis leads to a deadlock, to afall.

You are reborn as many times as you hope.

Worthy of your Must the way you build them




inspired by Yorgos Gyparakis’, Nocturnal landscape

Dreamy bags hide the spontaneous in their darkness

Elaborate rocking intestinal helixes smile binding now with before.

trying to assimilate everyday information, the vitamin that holds “being”.

Digestion dance of the reflection that transparently interprets the fearless truth

sparing a false sense of omnipotent certainty

In the overextension of the extension solitary walker

experience collector

Lonely velvety self that delights in its infinite versions

mutters and is redeemed

The imaginary is erected in the present with a heartache


Minimal oxygen in the cosmic sphere. The euphoria of instant dizziness that fades in the long run

Why alone? Τransmutation in the representation of Being

I open and go out



inspired by Theodoros’, Manipulations – Antispectacular


Enslaved fear pray of the neurons synapses.

Yes, from one’s core all the best and all the worst begin.

The unconscious in restraint passes through ridges and steep uphills

Expression at the zenith in an earthly environment. Vivid color revolution and questionable victory.

Existence in its anatomy transforms its aura now into a multidimensional background of a world that is uniquely refracted.

The geometry of perception in an echo that is responsible for the EGO.

You can see, but what is it that you see?