Poimenidis Panagiotis




inspired by Yorgos Gyparakis’, Nocturnal landscape

Thank you, driver! God bless you! Have a nice day!

The traveler responded to the boatman. He left the bus to follow his morning routine. To talk to his parents, to eat, to go to work and to love the world.

A daily journey, a response to the breath and the sounds of the living body. With the thoughts resonating again and again.

I felt the hand of the man standing next to me but I did not have the time to talk to him, next stop was very close.

The day has just begun to shine and the anticipation is overflowingcolors in the sky. My hands are cold but I am waiting for the next boat from that seascape I saw in the museum.

No, it was not in the museum. It is my memory from home. The home I inhabit and bring to the bus every day.

Take a breath Mr Smith. Ok, all done. Have a beautiful day.



inspired by Sotiris Sorogas’, Fallen jacket

I scream with my brothers.

My brothers,
They scream for me, I hear them.
They gathered with blankets wrapped around their bodies
and they are spinning and screaming.

Out of the hospital, out of the jail and into the streets.
They throw pieces of meat at me that come out from their

To eat to be full, I’m still here and I scream
with them.
With my brothers.

Whoever understands is crying, look we are all together and
together we will stay.

But I will not walk again beside them
and I will scream until everybody knows.

So that everybody will cry with my brothers on the street.



inspired by Francis Alÿs’, Camgun #84

1. Clapham Common tube station 22/12/20, 2. Clapham Common park 22/12/20, 3. Near by Clapham North tube station 23/12/20

4. Camberwell Green 22/12/20, 5. Rainbow Street, Camberwell 23/12/20, 6. View from St Thomas’ Hospital 23/12/20


A few moments before 2020 is over. Five Polaroid and one smartphone photographs. My response to Francis Alÿs’ work Camgun #84.

I’ve learned to reach out my hand a long time ago. That is my job. A helping hand.

Since I was young I ‘ve been looking at the doves flying altogether in the sky. On my father’s terrace.

I had taken a flag with me but who knows where I’ve put it.

Stay Strong, the battle is not over. The vitrine at the jewelry shop is still broken and silence has just broken in the square.

I will move forward with you, in the rainbow streets, next to the hospital and together with our friend Dorothy.