Alexandri Maria



inspired by Kimsooja’s, Bottari

Beautiful women in beautiful costumes are waiting. Do they expect something? Something to finally happen?

Immobile, but protected or hidden in colors and silk?

In groups or as a single unit?

One has to be interested in them, to touch them and feel them, until the tightly knotted knot of their existence is untied to reveal what is hermetically hidden deep inside them. Another person is needed to reveal the hidden secrets, to unfold the tightly folded folds.

And then what? Can the now revealed hidden selfbecome a gift, an offer, a springboard for creation, for joy and knowledge? Will the hidden side of the self be as beautiful as the well-groomed, silky and colorful outside when it comes to light?

In groups or as a single unit then? The same question again. Or should it be reworded, as a position now: single units and groups, single units as the prerequisite of the group.

Along with loneliness, collectivity.The need for independence and belonging, common overlapping needs of multicolored units, of separate beings who seem to be patiently enduring time for revelation.Do they seem to be looking for the revelation or is it a simple touch that they are waiting for?

Existing as a unit within groups on a common journey: the journey of life where everyone needs at least a few special companions. Just like that. The colors of each one in order to unfold need the Other, no matter how rich and unique they are. Alone they are left folded, limited, immobile.

This is how Kimsooja’s work spoke to me. Without knowing anything about the creator.




inspired by Kimsooja’s, Bottari


Now that the groups are gone and we are left as units,
how will the colors unfold, how will the knot be untied?



inspired by Apostolos Georgiou’s, Untitled

A person chooses to climb a little higher, a little higher. Two steps are enough. It does not take much effort. Two steps just to get close to the opening, in perspective, to look at another world. He tries, bends down, keeps from falling, wants to look deep down, through the passage, he insists.

His bright guide is no longer necessary. The light at the end of his gaze seems stronger. He decided alone, he climbed alone, he got there alone and now he is standing on the border crossing and is considering the next step: jump, fall or immobility? The choice is his.