The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST) began its operation in 2000. It is now permanently located at the former FIX brewery, the reconstruction of which was completed in February 2014. From 2003 until 2008, the EMST held exhibitions and events at the Athens Concert Hall, the Athens School of Fine Arts and in public spaces. Then from 2008 until 2015, it was hosted in a section of the Athens Conservatory building. Finally, in May 2015, the museum moved to its permanent premises, where from October, 2016, to January, 2019, it used the temporary exhibition spaces. In February, 2020, EMST opened its doors in full operation to the public.

EMST acquires, safeguards, preserves, documents, researches and exhibits works of contemporary Greek and international art. The constant aim of the museum is the promotion of education in the arts and raising public awareness regarding contemporary culture, in combination with the development of scientific research and specialization in museology, history and theory of contemporary art. One of its founding goals is to promote innovative and experimental artistic movements and the production of audiovisual works via new media.

In the context of its role on a social and educational level, EMST offers the public opportunities to interact with contemporary art through its exhibitions, activities, programs and publications. Its collection comprises the works of Greek and international artists based on different art mediums -painting, sculpture, video, installations, photography, engraving, industrial design, etc. – that deal with current and timeless issues. Aiming at the wider development and promotion of contemporary art, EMST invests in artistic production and the establishment of synergies and collaborative relationships.

EMST aspires to expand the domestic community of contemporary art by connecting it with the international scene. In a constantly changing world, EMST represents the exchange of ideas and perspectives through contemporary art, enriching the daily lives of the public and the experience of the visitors.





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The recruitment procedures of the National Museum of Contemporary Arts Athens (EMST) are carried out by the decision of the Board of Directors, in accordance with the current provisions

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EMST provides internships to Greek University students through Atlas, the central online service. This coordination is actualized by the academic institutions based on the curriculum of each school.
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