National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens


04/03/2003 - 30/04/2003

Zaphos Xagoraris

Three Bells

Former Fix Brewery Factory, Athens Observatory, Agios Kosmas Pier

04/03/2003 – 30/04/2003

Curated By: Anna Kafetsi

In the framework of the series Works, a new work by Zaphos Xagoraris, commissioned by the museum, was presented, entitled Three Bells. It is a sound installation, realized in three different sites in the city: in the Museum premises, on the hillock of the National Observatory of Athens and on the pier of Aghios Kosmas, by the sea.


The artist encages three bells, in arcs of – specifically built or already existing-enclosed and unfrequented constructions, which sound simultaneously at regular intervals. This new conceptual work by Zaphos Xagoraris is also understood within the context of his artistic quests, as far as the sense of range and the marking of limits of diverse sources of energy are concerned. The visitor or passenger, having no visual contact with the bell, hears a distant as well as familiarto him – via its explicit communicative and social-cultural function – sound, which invites one to redefine his/her relationship with the public space
and the community of men.

Anna Kafetsi


Coordinator: Eleni Ganiti
Texts by: Anna Kafetsi, Zaphos Xagoraris
12 p., 21Χ15cm., repr., EMST, Athens 2003
Bilingual (greek-english), includes reproductions of the works
ISBN 960- 8349-00-1
Available for sale: price 3 Euros