Bill Viola, The Passing, 1991. Photograph: Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

The Passing

An homage to Bill Viola

Athens Conservatoire

EMST presents an homage to the important American artist Bill Viola. Under the title The Passing the screening program at the Project Room consists of single channel videos in the EMST collection including: The Passing, 1991, Anthem, 1983, Four Songs, 1976, Chott el-Djerid (A Portrait in Light and Heat), 1979, The Reflecting Pool, 1977-1980, Memory Surfaces and Mental Prayers, 1977, Hatsu Yume (First Dream), 1981, I do not Know What it is I am Like, 1986, Angel’s Gate, 1989.

These works are single – channel videos dated from 1976 to 1991, a period when the pioneer artist was being established as a leading representative of video art. By using a purely visual language referencing an ecumenical spirituality, Bill Viola explores the large mysteries of life and death.

The homage concurs with the celebration of the European Heritage Days, from 26 to 28 of September. This year the celebration is dedicated to “time”.
In this framework, EMST presents an artist that faces time in his artworks like the artists of the 19th century faced light and color. For Bill Viola time overlaps its natural dimension and becomes the core of spirituality.

Curated by Stamatis Schizakis