Manolis Baboussis, Volterra, 1973


Former Fix Factory

The mid-career retrospective exhibition of Manolis Baboussis followed 30 years of this significant photographer’s course , through journeys that “ function through associations, responses and confrontations, sometimes poetic and others analytical and sociological”.

Through new direction, the artist chose to organize an exhibition where old and new works cross and are confronted, colour with black and white images but also different themes: “ the omnipresent thematic of interior and exterior space, the thematic of landscapes which often denote human intervention, rationality and domination. The thematic of the world of objects and machines, technological automatism and detached consideration of daily activity, control and surveillance, the thematic of the screen- a metaphor of photography and white oil cloth- to Equipment, the thematic of intercourse, power, violence and beauty to the waves, the thematic of old age”( Francois Soulage, from the exhibition catalogue). Lyricism and crudity, threat, repulsion and attraction, vitality, violence and beauty both coexist and are confronted. By creating new associations among works, from which fresh meanings emerge, the exhibition underlines presence/absence, cul -de- sac , labyrinth, imprisonment, obstacles to view, control of access, obesevation, expectation and spectacle, anonymity, uniformity, loneliness and death.

Curated by Eleni Ganiti