Rena Papaspyrou, From the series "Photocopies directly from matter", 1980 - 1981

Rena Papaspyrou. Photocopies Straight out of Matter, 1980-1981 & Small Samples from the Urban Landscape, 1979

Artist of the Month

Athens Conservatoire - Mezzanine

In the framework of the series Every Month, EMST presents for the first time the complete series of works by Rena Papaspyrou Photocopies Straight out of Matter (1980-81) alongside three Small Samples from the Urban Landscape of 1979. These two series of works consist of collections of materials gathered by the artist during her urban explorations in an attempt to classify and archive the urban environment. This selection focuses on the “episodes” that occur on the surfaces of the material gathered from the urban environment, i.e. on the effects of time, environmental conditions and the human intervention on the sundry materials.

With Photocopies Straight out of Matter, 1980-81 and with Samples from the Urban Landscape, 1979 Rena Papaspyrou stimulates the associative ability of any viewer, illustrates the range of images and narratives that are hidden in the city details, and reveals him a new way of viewing the environment in which he travels on a daily basis.

Curated by Stamatis Schizakis


Rena Papaspyrou was born in Athens in 1938. During the period 1956-67 she studies in the Athens School of Fine Arts and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris. During 1993-2005 she teaches as a professor at the 3rd painting studio of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since 1967 she has realized numerous individual exhibitions in Greece and abroad, with the most recent being Flashback in the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki in 2009, accompanied by the publication also entitled Flashback. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions such as Avanguardia e Sperimentazione in Modena and Venice in 1978, Emerging Images in Europalia 1982 in Antwerp, at the XVII Biennale of Sao Paolo at 1983, Metamorphoses of the Modern, the Greek Experience at the National Gallery in Athens in 1992, P+P=D, From the Activities of the Desmos Gallery at Deste Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art in 2000 and in the exhibition of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens The Years of Defiance: The Art of the ’70s in Greece, in 2005. She is professor emeritus in the Athens School of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Athens.