National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens


08/09/2011 - 24/09/2011

EMST participates in the events organized for Athens by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens

September 2011

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens participates in the artistic events organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Athens in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, by presenting important works from its collections, ephemeral actions and new productions in public spaces in Athens, such as parks and streets, from September 8th until November 15th 2011. From Dionysiou Areopagitou to Kotzia Square and Omonoia Square, and from Pagrati Grove to Exarcheia Square and the Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy, installations, audiovisual and sound works by contemporary artists from Greece and abroad will consecutively be presented.

We participate in the events with works from the Museum’s collection and new productions that open, in a period of crisis, windows to the imagination and challenge with their social and political character. In the framework of its policy for an opening up in the city and its offsite policy, the Museum addresses the citizens, the promenaders, with works that stimulate with their poetic and critical character, the imagination and the thinking, and at the same time motivate participation in collective, community based actions in public space.

On the 8th of September two inaugural events are organized with night time projections on Dionysiou Areopagitou and Pagrati Grove. Opposite the New Acropolis Museum and next to Dionysos Theater in the open air space in the beginning of Dionysiou Areopagitou, every night at 21.00 the video Public Dialogue by Joseph Beuys will be projected. In this work the conceptual artist Joseph Beuys, one of the most important figures of postwar art, stimulates with his idea on social sculpture and the relationship between art and politics. On the same night the Open air Cinema begins in Pagrati Grove with 6 video art works from EMST’s collection by international and Greek artists from the fields of sculpture, photography but also of theatre and cinematographic direction, such as Rebecca Horn, Robert Wilson, Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard, George Drivas and Kostas Aristopoulos. On the 12th of September in the most popular square of Athens, Omonoia Square, the historic work In Praise by Vlassis Caniaris, a work of sharp social commentary will be presented.

On September 15th the Sound Walk in the Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy is inaugurated, with 7 audio works on 7 trees of the park, under the shadows of which the promenaders can sit and listen to sounds and music by leading representatives of conceptual and post-conceptual sound art, such as Steven Feld, Steve Roden, Lukas Foss, Bob Gluck, Bill Fontana, Trevor Wishart and Nils Vigeland. The selection includes recordings of soundscapes from nature and the city, such as sounds from natural phenomena, the environment, bells, birds singing, rituals, electronic music as well as sound projects that reveal transartistic quests and connections to literature, sculpture, architecture, and also to different types of classical music, especially opera. The same day the work Art of Sleep by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries will be projected in Exarcheia Square. The frenetic written narrative of the text in the form of flash animation accompanied by jazz music unfolds as ironic reflection on what is art, the limits and possibilities towards a world in crisis. The work Exercise Machines by Alexandros Psychoulis will be presented from September 15th at the junction of Aeolou and Kolokotroni streets, hanging up high between two buildings. The artist with this poetic project urges us to look up and takes us to another place, inaccessible, remote, that we can only see with our glance.

On the 22nd of September the participatory installation Red Eyed Sky Walkers by Jenny Marketou will be installed in the central Kotzia square, in front of the Municipality of Athens. The visitor will see 99 red meteorological balloons, on 9 of which are placed small wireless video cameras. The cameras record the movement of passers-by and activities of people who frequent the area. The resulting visual material, will be displayed in real time along with readily found audiovisual material from You Tube and other Internet sources. Marketou creates a work that deals with topical issues in a humorous way, creative and critical, seeking to reverse the practice of surveillance and espionage, and encourage the viewers to participate in the game between surveillance and performance.

The presentations of works in September will be completed on the 24th of the month in the Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy with the interactive installation of a “theater-treadle” titled ΙΝ VINO VERITAS by Phoebe Giannisi  and Zissis Kotionis and an event of pressing the grapes with the participation of the residents will be organized. The event will include the preparation of the must and the distribution of moustalevria (grape must pudding) to the neighbours. During the preparation of the must an action of speech by the poetry group POETRY NOW on wine and inebriety will be realized.

With the kind support of OPAP S.A.




  1. Dionysiou Areopagitou (At the opening of the entrance of the Information Centre)
    Open air screening of the work Public Dialogue by Joseph Beuys
    Duration: 8 – 29/9
    Screening times: 21.00 -23.00 daily
  2. Pagrati Grove
    Open-air cinema
    Duration: 8 – 27 September
    21:00 daily except Wednesdays

The following works will be screened 6 days every week:

Thursday 8 / 15 / 22 September
Rebecca Horn
Buster’s Bedroom, 1990
Duration 104΄
In English with Greek subtitles

Friday 9 / 16 / 23 September
Robert Wilson
Deafman Glance, 1981
Duration 26΄53΄΄

Saturday 10 / 17 / 24 September
Kostas Aristopoulos
La Nave, 2002
Duration 14’26’’

Sunday 11 / 18 / 25 September
George Drivas
Case study, 2007
Duration 17΄38΄΄

Monday 12 / 19 / 26 September
Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard
Double- blind, 1992
Duration 75΄58΄΄
In English and French with Greek subtitles

Tuesday 13 / 20 / 27 September
Rebecca Horn
La Ferdinada: Sonate für eine Medici-Villa, 1981
Duration 85΄
In German with Greek subtitles

1. Omonoia Square
Presentation of the work In Praise, 1993 by Vlassis Caniaris


  1. Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy

Sound walk with the following works:
Steven Feld The time of Bells 1
Lukas Foss Echoi The Fragments of Archilochos Non-Improvisation
Bill Fontana Australian Sound Sculptures
Bob Gluck Electric Songs
Trevor Wishart Voiceprints
Nils Vigeland. Jane Eyre
Steve Roden transmissions

Duration: 15 – 30/9
Listening times: 10.00  – 19.00 daily

  1. Exarcheia Square
    Open air screening of The Art of Sleep by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
    Duration: 15/9 – 2/10
    Screening: 21.00 – 23.00
  2. Aiolou street
    Presentation of the work Exercise Machines, 2009 by Alexandros Psychoulis
    Duration: 15/9 – 23/10


  1. Kotzia square
    Presentation of the installation Red Eyed Sky Walkers by Jenny Marketou in Kotzia square and projection in a bar at the square.


  1. Archaeological Park of Plato’s Academy

Installation (Duration: 24/09 – 3/10) and participatory event (24/09) by Phoebe Giannisi  and Zissis Kotionis in collaboration with the poetry team POETRY NOW
Opening at 17.30

Curated By: Anna Kafetsi in collaboration with Daphne Vitali, Tina Pandi and Stamatis Schizakis


Photo: Vlassis Caniaris, In Praise, 1993