Costas Tsoclis, Sisyphus, 2015, Videoinstallation, Photo: Stella Tzachristas

Collaboration with the Municipal Institution “Costas Tsoclis Museum”

Program “In - Out”

Temporary Exhibitions Space (-1)

EMST inaugurates its new program In – Out which aims on presenting the work of small but active museums all around Greece through bi-directional activities. This program begins with a collaboration with the Municipal Institution “Costas Tsoclis Museum”, operating for the 8th year in the island of Tinos. In the framework of the International Museum Day 2018, a selection of artworks and documents of Costas Tsoclis is transferred to EMST, aiming to honor the founder of the Museum in Tinos and to remind the important breakthrough that brought to contemporary art with his “Living Painting”, a technique which he devised in the mid-80s by combining moving electronic image with painting on canvas.

“There are fratricidal works.
And there are patricidal works.
The former are those that throw the shadow of their brilliance onto the artist’s other works, while the latter are those whose fame surpasses that of their creator.
The few pieces I am exhibiting at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (which I thank for honouring the Costas Tsoclis Museum on Tinos, hosting it within the framework of the International Museum Day) belong to these categories.
They are the children of large families that managed to distinguish themselves, thanks to their simplicity and immediacy. Pieces that need no explanations, in a word, pictorial works. Works – Events.”

Costas Tsoclis, May 2018


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