Gillian Wearing, Trauma, 2000

Gillian Wearing – Trauma

Artist of the month

Athens Conservatoire

In the framework of the series Every Month selections from the museum’s permanent collections are presented from October 12th until December 8th on the mezzanine. Gillian Wearing has been chosen as Artist of the month for October – November with the video installation Trauma, 2000.

In her work, the artist uses the techniques of film and television to record comic or dramatic moments of individuals or groups. In the video installation titled Trauma she invited people to speak in front of the camera about traumatic experiences of their childhood, covering their faces with plastic teenager masks. Through revealing and very personal confessions – interviews of everyday people, which she either records in public spaces and then edits in her studio or directs in their entirety by herself, she approaches with sympathy marginalized groups, their traumatic experiences and their problems, providing the viewer with a representative picture of the British and in general of contemporary Western society.

Curated by Daphne Vitali


Gillian Wearing was born in 1963 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. From 1985 until 1987 she studied at Chelsea School of Art in London and right afterward until 1990 in Goldsmiths College in London. She has participated in various exhibitions in museums and galleries. In 1997 she won the Turner Prize. She lives and works in London.