Public Readings. MEMORIA

On the framework of the exhibition Theorimata 2: On History

Temporary Exhibitions Space (-1)

EVENT on the framework of the exhibition Theorimata 2: On History
Public Readings. MEMORIA. Women in the Mountain. Voices in silence
Wednesday,  October 21 2020 at 18.00

The event will be presented live at the museum’s instagram @emstathens

The Public Readings Voices in silence of the stories of women at EMST complete the work MEMORIA. Women in the Mountain, Notebook 1, Notebook 2, exhibited at the exhibition Theorimata 2: On History, organized by AICA Hellas, at EMST (Bia Papadopoulou’s curatorial proposal).

The 14 women whose stories will be heard are:

Xenia or Xenoula Athanassaki, Andriani Katartzoglou, Vagelio Kladou or Vagela Maria, Pagona Kokovli Katerina, Maria Ledaki or Marika, Koula Marathaki, Maria Boraki-Mario or Marika Teacher, Eleni Xerogiannaki, Eleni Nitsa-Papagiannaki Electra, Argyro Polychronaki, Eleftheria Papadogianni, Georgia Skevaki or Skevogeorgia, Antonia Trikounaki, Athina Handabi.

These women were Guerilla Fighters of the Democratic Army in Western Crete, their exit to the mountain being associated not only with their request of Freedom and Democracy but also with their revolt as women against a patriarchal, suffocating society.

For society, the women in the Mountain were Federici’s witches, [Federici Silvia, Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women, Greek edition, Ekdosis ton xenon, 2019] they were uncanny. Communists, dressed in men’s clothes, young, beautiful, free, they attained equality at the Mountain. They were viewed as libertine. They were, however, heroines of an ancient tragedy, some of whom remained till the end, sacrificed themselves, their bodies remaining unburied. Others were imprisoned, exiled. But for many years they fell in silence and now they have no voice to speak. Even though diaries and archives were found, the enemies destroyed them. And whatever archives were left to the party, are unapproachable. There is almost no photographic material from the life at the Mountain and in some cases it was impossible to even find a photograph of them. In MEMORIA. Women in the Mountain  fragments were connected, the extended silences, those words that were whispered, the feeling. The material comes from the press of the epoch, from archives found in Chania, from books on the Civil War, from stories recounted by comrades and relatives. The women in their voyage to the Mountain, to arduous paths, were transformed into wild beasts, into flowers, into birds.

Our voices –will be heard. They will transfer their unsaid stories. Even though they come from the past, the women are looking towards the future. History is present and concerns us all. As the trauma from which these stories derived.

We want your silence and  to listen to the stories in a standing position, adhering to the distances and to the use of a mask.
The readings will be realized on the amphitheater on -1 with the 7 readers standing.
According to the new rules, 11 people can be at the space.

Concept: Eleni Tzirtzilaki

Readings: Natasa Dailiani, Pagona Zali, Xenia Kalpaktsoglou, Magdalini Kristallinou, Mirto Belopoulou, Vassiliki Nomidou, Eleni Tzirtzilaki

Movement: Danae Manolesou

Projection: Christina Katsari