EMST Foyer

Are you an amateur or professional weaver or knitter?
Would you like to take part in a participatory work of art that will be presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)?
Would you like to stay creative in these difficult times?

Then register for the project Arbre à palabres by the visual artist Stephan Goldrajch that will take place in December 2021 at EMST!

In many villages of the French-speaking Africa, the Arbre à palabres is the main meeting place where the community gathers to discuss social, political or other issues that concern it, often under the shade of a large tree, such as the Baobab. The equivalent in Greece would be the shadow of the big plane tree in the central square of a village.

The artist Stephan Goldrajch and EMST invite you to create knitted, crochet and woven textiles in any kind of material (wool, acrylic, cotton, etc.), of any size, shape, colour, and any technique, which will adorn the giant tree sculpture, which will be installed at the entrance (foyer) of the museum.

All textiles that will be submitted, will be included in Stephan Goldrajch’s Arbre à palabres, creating a collaborative, polyphonic work of art that encompasses all the stories of the people who made it, marking the new beginning of an open, inclusive and welcoming EMST!

You can send an email to to register and receive instructions and more information.

Delivery days and hours at EMST:
16 November – 10 December 2021
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 11: 00-18: 00
Thursday: 17: 00-20: 00