documenta completed the first part of its double 14th events, which for the first time in its history took place in two different cities in two countries. The two events in Athens and Kassel were held simultaneously for 40 days. The journey in Athens lasted for 100 days. EMST its journey by presenting part of its permanent collection at the Fridericianum in Kassel until September 17, 2017. At EMST, which was one of the main exhibition venues in Athens, the de-installation of the exhibition has started, and will be completed on August 20th.

Immediately afterwards, installation will begin for the next exhibition which will be presented at EMST in September, a hosting exhibition of NAMOC (National Art Museum China), held in the framework of the transnational agreement of the Greek-Chinese year. Further information on the EMST program regarding the temporary exhibition spaces and the working progress for the installation of the permanent collection will be announced shortly.


EMST Photograph: Vladislav Zukovsky