Gary Hill, Bind, 1995

Gary Hill – Bind, 1995

Work of the month

Athens Conservatoire

As Work of the month is presented Gary Hill’s single channel video and sound installation titled Bind, 1995 (color video monitor, video cassette recorder, steel cable, book – Private collection)

The work consists of a colour video monitor on which a copy of The Humiliation of the Word (1985) by French thinker Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) is bound with a cable. The book is placed open so as to hide the screen of the TV device. The spectator can see only the alternations in the brightness of the image which follow the rhythm of the voice of the artist while reading extracts from Ellul’s book. In The Humiliation of the Word (1985) the French philosopher, law professor, sociologist, theologian explores the definitive effects and dominance of technology, images and television, by criticizing the devaluation of the word nowadays. At the back of the book we read, “Jacques Ellul for the first time intertwines sociological analysis with theological discussion in this provocative examination of how reality (which is visual) has superseded truth (which is verbal) in modern times”. In Bind the artist with his language-centered experimentations destructs the understanding of the image and the word.

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Gary Hill is one of the most important artists of video art. In his video and video installations Gary Hill explores with an experimental mood and penetrance the dialogue between language and sound, image and sound. Through the study of sound and oral elements of the electronic language, he introduces  an “electronic linguistics” with philosophical and poetic implications. He was born in 1951 in Santa Monica, California. In 1974, he creates the video installation  Hole in the Wall, in 1974. In 1975 he realises in Woodstock, Synergism,  a a series of actions, in which he combines music with dance and video while in 1876 he meets the poet George Quasha, who together Charles Stein influenced his first experimentantions on the subject of language.  Gary Hill has been awarded many times for his work he has received scholarships and has develops an intensive exhibition activity in Europe and in USA. He has participated in many group exhibitions and biennials, while retrospective exhibitions of his work have been organised in important museums (e.g Nykytaiteen Museo: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Filand, 1991, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 1986, The American Center, Paris, France, 1983, κ.ά). He lives and works in Seattle.