EMST in the World 3 - Italy

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Following the exhibition La Veritá é sempre un’ altra (Truth Is Always Something Else) held at the Galleria Nazionale d’ Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome, which ended on November of 2018 and included 23 works from the EMST Collection integrated within Time is Out of Joint, the current display of the Gallery’s permanent collection, EMST hosts at its space a selection of videos from the Collection of the Galleria Nazionale.

This exhibition, along with the presentation of the installation of Botto&Bruno The ballad of forgotten places, is the 3rd edition of the EMST series entitled EMST in the World, launched in 2016. Every project is bilateral and has always two parts, one in each country.

A transcultural dialogue is possibly more necessary than ever, especially in Europe, it is expanded as an initiative of EMST to strengthen the strong and long-lasting connection between Italy and Greece. It was the first time that Galleria Nazionale opened its spaces to a foreign institution by integrating its collection into its permanent collection.

The eight videos presented are characterized by the variety of approaches as well as by the use of the image in movement that alternates documentary forms with the artists’ own films. The videos, created by Italian artists of various generations, offer a concise selection of the most interesting artistic research of Italian artists of recent decades.

The idea to form this connection raised from program Tempo Forte Italia – Grecia 2018, an initiative launched by the Embassy of Italy in Athens together with Greek and Italian Institutional and non-Institutional actors, artists and experts in order to strengthen the cultural relationships between Italy and Greece. The aim is to cover all the various forms of “art”, from Classicism to Contemporary so as to have “more Italy in Greece and more Greece in Italy”.


Emanuele Becheri
Daniela De Lorenzo
Paolo Meoni

Luca Maria Patella
Grazia Toderi


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