Pierre Huyghe. The Third Memory

Former Fix Factory

The series Works was inaugurated with the presentation of the audiovisual installation The Third Memory (from the collections of MNAM-CCI, at the Centre Georges Pompidou ) by the contemporary French artist Pierre Huyghe.

The subject of the work is based on a real bank robbery, which took place in Brooklyn in 1972 and Sydney Lumet’s film Dog Day Afternoon, starring Al Pacino. In Pierre Huyghe’s installation the agent appears as an adult and is asked to recall the events and restore the truth of all that had been misapprehended, due to the way it had been presented by the media of the period, as well as Lumet’s “commercial” film. Pierre Huyghe is asking him to invoke his “Third Memory” and restore the wronged image. The work is a “a restoration of real events, however taking place within the film setting (…), because what is asked is not limited to the understanding of the conditions that can be created between the agent and the cinematic character who invests him. It is the story of an individual who has been robbed and deprived of his image”(Pierre Huyghe).

Curated by Christine Van Assche