In Present tense

Young Greek artists

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall

Τhis exhibition explores our present time in the horizon of an international artistic context and a nomadic mobility which characterizes young Greek artists and their work. This approach allows us not only to transcend narrow geographical boundaries and include artists who live and work outside Greece, in metropolises of the world, but mainly to approach without certainties the sense – or even the desire – that we have for a new dynamic among younger artists during the last decade.

What we are looking to do is reveal the multiplicity of artistic practices, the different trends, the affinities and orientations, the sporadic trials and quests that coexist, converse with the past and between themselves, that attempt to connect with the rest of the artistic world and that wish and search for ways to be together. Thus, the present tense of the exhibition speaks of a specific artistic moment, which it also reflects, while simultaneously transcending it, offering the visitors the key for reading an artistic, hybrid reality, both local and trans-local, open to the “here” and to the “elsewhere”, to the present and to the future.

From this point of view, the work of young Greek artists which could be considered an artistic minority in comparison to their established omologues, without being the exclusive representative of the artistic present, constitutes nonetheless, a privileged research field. Whether it imprints a short route that has already been traveled or contains a promise for future developments, it brings us, for the most part, closer to the enchanting and vivid side of artistic creation, the very moment that its language is being constructed, deconstructed and re-tried, where experimentations, doubts and errors are a pivotal point in the quest for artistic identity.

Curated by Tina Pandi, Stamatis Schizakis and Daphne Vitali