Heart in heart

Athens Conservatoire

On June 11, The National Museum of Contemporary Art will inaugurate Heart in heart, a large scale exhibition in which 24 artists participate with paintings, sculpture, installations, drawings, photographs, videos and web art from EMST collection. Most of the works are presented for the first time. Occupying the entire exhibition space of the Museum in the Athens Conservatory building, the exhibition will last for four months.

The exhibition presupposes a prevalent museological strategy today, which invites us to rethink the collection – a museum’s heart – as a constantly shifting field of new relationships among works.

The exhibition attempts to penetrate into secrets and hidden codes, personal diaries and intimate confessions, love letters and stories, fears, desires and emotions through contemporary and earlier works which conceal, converse and conflict with each other, store memories and touches, enabling the establishment of clandestine links among them as well as of a narrative which conceals and at the same time reveals through the images and the words of others.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the eponymous sculpture by artist Yael Kanarek, a recent acquisition of the collection.

In the framework of the exhibition heart in heart the tribute soundscapes is organized in the media lounge and the patio of the museum with sound works by some of the most important contemporary representatives of sound art (electronic, environmental, etc) among which are: Erik Belgum, Jürgen Bräuninger, Steven Feld, Bill Fontana, Thomas Gerwin, Bob Gluck, Υael Kanarek, Daniel Lentz, Steve Roden, Mario Verandi, Nils Vigeland, Hildegard Westerkamp’s Trevor Wishart.

Curated by Anna Kafetsi


Carl Andre
Kutlug Ataman
Bill Viola
Nan Goldin
Ilya Kabakov
Pedro Cabrita-Reis
Yael Kanarek
Nikos Kessanlis
Yorgos Lazongas,
John Baldessari
Per Barclay

Pantelis Xagoraris
Nina Papaconstantinou
Steve Roden
Lucas Samaras
Shelly Silver
Peter Fischli & David Weiss
George Hadjimichalis
Mona Hatoum
Gary Hill
Rebecca Horn