National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens


20/09/2012 - 04/11/2012


Georgios Xenos

Thousand Images…

Project Room

20/09/2012 – 04/11/2012

Curated By: Stamatis Schizakis

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, presents from the 20th September until the 4th of November a new installation by Georgios Xenos titled Thousand Images…, which is realized within the framework of the series EMST Commissions 2012 in the Project Room.

Central element of the installation Thousand Images… is the personal visual diary of Georgios Xenos titled Thousand Drawings… (2012), which is composed of approximately two thousand drawings presented in their physical form as well as a digitized slide show. The artist is daily producing ink drawings on A4 paper attempting to record his fleeting thoughts as these are influenced by his daily experiences, personal or related to everyday events. His drawings depict a variety of subjects, from the deeply personal and existential questioning to the commentary of social reality.

Alongside the drawings appears the work Untitled (2009), three intersecting lines that with simple painterly means depict the corner of an empty space: the ideal position for contemplation of the work.

The space of the installation echoes with Lament No 212, a musical composition by clarinet, voice, violin, percussion and loop sampler which Georgios Xenos parallels with the drawings.

All the elements of the installation, drawings, painting, moving image and sound, compose a synaesthetic environment of contemplation and recollection on the transitional year 2012 which closes to its end.

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Short biography of the artist

Georgios Xenos (Athens, 1953) graduated in 1982 from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux – Arts, Section des Arts Plastiques in Paris.  From 1988 until 1992 he lived and worked in Berlin and since 1993 he lives and works in Athens. His works have been exhibited at Galerie Jean Bernier, (1986), Pergamon Museum (1992), Winckelmann Museum, Stendal (1991, 2002), Kostis Palamas building of the University of Athens, (1997),  Benaki Museum (2009), the Epigraphical Museum in Athens (2011) and elsewhere.


Photo: Georgios Xenos, Thousand Images…, 2012
Ink on paper, digital video with sound
Variable dimensions, Detail