Photo: Wall, Photograph Workshop of the Rehabilitation Center 18 Ano

EMST Without Borders – Interactions

Athens Conservatoire

The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, in the framework of its social orientation and on the occasion of its five year collaboration with the Photograph Workshop of the Rehabilitation Center 18 Ano, presents in the Museum’s Project Room the exhibition Interactions with selections from works of the group that were created and presented at EMST during the five year collaboration.

From February 6th until March 2nd, 2014 a new and four older photographic works and videos will be presented, which deal with issues of identity and representation of the self in different social and physical environments, such as the family, personal space and the city. These are: Portraits 4’’, 2009, True Story, 2010, Realistic Realities, 2011 and Inflow, 2012. Their new project titled Wall, 2013 was created in the peristyle of EMST last summer. In it, the intense physicality and constant movement of the protagonists indicates their need to determine their position in the group, determine their relationship with the “other” and ultimately with society, in a straightforward, humorous and equitable manner. Choosing as backdrop and action space the familiar Museum space they reveal the value of cooperation and interaction between EMST and the Photographic Workshop.

The cooperation between the two organizations is based on the co-design of a specific program of activities for the group, which enriches in an alternative way the therapeutic work of the Rehabilitation Center and strengthens the role of art both in the treatment phase and in rehabilitation. Through the active participation of the group in the Museum’s activities, the program that is realized each year aims in the equal access and hands –on approach to art as well as to the public’s awareness about the serious social problem of substance abuse and the elimination of prejudices.

The innovative program EMST Without Borders begun in 2009 and includes collaborations with social groups and non profit organizations such as Rehabilitation Centres Against Drug Abuse, The Hellenic Society of Palliative and Symptomatic Care of Cancer and Non-Cancer Patients (PARHSYA), the Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, immigrant groups, the Academic Support and Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities of the Athens School of Fine Art, schools of intercultural education and the Gymnasium-Lyceum of the Juvenile Detention Unit of Avlona. Aim of the program is to eliminate social exclusion and allow equal access to art for all. In 2012 it was distinguished by CECA (Committee for Education and Cultural Action του ICOM International) in the 10 Best Museum Practices in its annual international competition and it is also presented in the book Best Practice I, A tool to improve museum education internationally.

From 06.02 – 02.03 EMST will welcome groups from Rehabilitation Centers with free tours (held in Greek and upon request) in the current exhibition Afresh, A new generation of Greek artists.

Free entry

Curated by Stamatis Schizakis and Marina Tsekou