Discussion with the artist Adrian Paci

Victoria Square Project- Counterpoints Arts

Temporary Exhibitions Space (-1)

A closing before the opening

Just before the closing of the installation “We Apologize” the artist Adrian Paci discusses with the curator Niovi Zarampouka-Chatzimanou, Director of Victoria Square Project and Tom Green, Production Manager of Counterpoints Arts, about the artwork, its presence on Victoria square and the discussion that will continue after November 12th.

The artist Adrian Paci created the installation “We Apologize” followed by the invitation of the organizations Counterpoints Arts and Victoria Square Project, that was hosted at Victoria Square from 20th October to 12th November 2021. After many months of research in collaboration with old and new residents from the Victoria Square neighbourhood, Paci created an artwork that challenged us to rethink, look at each other, and find better ways to live together. Regardless of our stance and our different needs, it was addressed to all of us, the residents and the passersby of Victoria square, the meeting point for many different communities that make up the neighborhood of the 6th district of Athens. The installation “We Apologize” was part of the “Across Borders” European program with the support of the Athens Culture Net. The public program collaborators were EMST and Goethe Institut Athen.