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EMST at home

Creative at home

With this program we urge our younger friends to explore the educational leaflets that are uploaded on the EMST website (in Greek), and become creative.

The name of an artist and their artwork will be given on EMST’s facebook and instagram, as well as the corresponding leaflet in which you can find further information. 

Taking as a starting point what you will read on your own or together with your parents, you can create your own contemporary art works (paintings, constructions, video) and send them to us in a jpg form or video at under the theme EMST at home, including in the email your first name, your age,  the area in which you live and the title of the work.

The works will be posted on EMST’s facebook and instagram.

You can find material in Greek here

We wait for your material!

Each of us is a work of art

Janine Antoni’s installation Slumber, 1994 inspired Zainab to weave her dreams for the future; Amin takes us to Iran with the Swedish Flying Carpet, 2001 by Kostis Velonis to celebrate Nowruz with him, the traditional Iranian festival of spring; Maya identified herself with Costas Tsoclis’ Harpooned Fish, 1985.

Contemporary art inspires, evokes emotions, memories and dreams. On the EMST facebook and instagram we will post stories, intertwined with artworks of the EMST collection, as narrated by those who participated in the project Face Forward… into my home.

You can send your own story, anonymously or named, to and share it with everyone via the EMST social media. Because, as Bibiche said, “each of us is a work of art, with its own story and its own messages.”