Overnight, Covid-19 disrupted what until now had been thought of as, familiar, self-evident, taken for granted. The restrictive measures of protection brought about an interruption to the flow of life, affecting each person individually. Everyone reacts differently in an effort to process, comprehend and deal with the stimuli emerging from this encounter with something so unfamiliar and unexpected.

Within this feeling of being in limbo, experienced worldwide, despite its rationalization, something remains that cannot be fully absorbed by the symbolic, nor by social reality. There is something which cannot be verbalized. nor be fully explained, either individually or collectively.

What is it that breaks within each person’s equilibrium when things as we know them are disrupted? What is his position with regards to limits and   extremities as they emerged through social distancing brought on by Covid-19? Such questions can be the starting point for exciting journeys of self-discovery. The act of creation can prove to be a personal pathway of discovery as to how each person responds to change.


How to deal with stress in the post-lockdown period

Creative journals – visual narrative as the art of opening up following confinement in the times of Covid-19


Elisabeth Ioannides, Education Curator – Art Psychotherapist EMST

Irene Kokkorou, Social Worker, on a Children’s and Adolescents’ Art Psychotherapy Degree

Drawing: Dimitris Kannas