The new Communication Campaign for the repertory of the National Theatre of Greece for 2018-2019

A collaboration between the National Theatre of Greece and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST)

The productions of the new period of the National Theater of Greece communicate with the audience through the artworks of Greek and international artists of the EMST Collection. New status on esthetics are placed in the field of visual communication, a rare collaboration of a distinct symbolism between the National Theater of Greece and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST), the country’s two leading institutions in the fields of performative and visual arts accordingly. During the theatre period 2018-2019, the arts and its people come closer, they converse. Important artworks of the EMST Collection communicate the message of the performances before they get on stage. They address the audience via a new visual alphabet that borrows semantic elements, codes, forms, myths, images, symbols, meanings, the perception of a different way of the artistic expression. After the initiative of Mr. Stathis Livathinos, the Artistic Director of the National Theatre, and the warm acceptance of Mrs. Katerina Koskina, EMST Director, the idea of a campaign- proposal is realized with multidimensional benefits, achieving the best possible diffusion of the artists’ works, creating a climate of collaboration between institutions and a visual stimulation for the art lovers. The attempt is realized with the useful collaboration of the EMST curators, as well as the pivotal contribution of the creative team busybuilding, recently awarded a Red Dot Award for the design of the National Theater’s publications (Communication Design 2018 – Red Dot Award).


Information about the productions: