Stephen Antonakos in his atelier

Inv. No. 4991, Art Archive, National Museum of Contemporary Art
Black and white photograph
Donated by Stephen Antonakos
Photographer: unknown

Soho, New York, around 1970. Stephen Antonakos works absorbedly in his atelier with Jocko, the cat given to him by renowned art critic and curator, Lawrence Alloway. He draws on the table he made himself using part of a wall from the Fischbach Gallery, which he transferred to his atelier after the remodeling of the gallery. Behind the artist we can see his work “The White Neon Cross”, 1965. On the shelves, placed in plexiglass cases, we see early models for large scale neon sculptures and installations. The seated figure in the background of the photo is most likely the artist’s wife, Naomi.

Stephen Antonakos (Agios Nicolaos, Laconia, 1926 – New York, 2013) was one of the most important greek artists of the diaspora. He lived and worked in New York, where he moved with his family in 1930. He pioneered the use of neon, a material that characterized most of his work.

Works by Antonakos can be found in the EMST collection.

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