Pantelis Xagoraris in Boston

Inv. No. 3437, Art Archive, National Museum of Contemporary Art
Black and white photograph
Donated by Zafos Xagoraris, 2001

Boston, June 1991. Pantelis Xagoraris and his wife Bia Davou travel to Boston to visit their son Zafos, who, at the time, is studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT with an Alexander S. Onassis Foundation Scholarship. Pantelis is photographed by Zafos or Bia on Massachusetts Avenue in front of Random Hall, one of MIT’s dormitories. In 1974, Pantelis Xagoraris was a fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), researching the intersection between art and mathematics.

Pantelis Xagoraris (Piraeus, 1929 – Athens, 2000) studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and mathematics at the University of Athens. His work is a milestone in Greek art because he was one of the first to systematically attempt, since the 1960s, to combine art with technology. Works by Pantelis Xagoraris, Bia Davou and Zafos Xagoraris are in the EMST collection. In 2001, Zafos Xagoraris donated the archive of his father and mother to the art archive of EMST.

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