National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens

Exhibition 1914 | 1918 NOT THEN NOT NOW NOT EVER!

10/11/2018 – 06/01/2019


1914 | 1918

Reichstag, Berlin

10.11.2018 – 06.01.2019

To commemorate the end of the First World War, one artist from each of the 31 countries which signed the Armistice of Compiègne has each designed a block of oak wood as a monument to peace. The wood comes from oaks from a former battlefield in the Alsace region and is punctured by shrapnel, still visible in the form of fragments of metal and discolouration caused by oxidation.
The exhibition in the Members’ lobby of the Reichstag Building will open for the ceremony of remembrance in the Bundestag plenary on November 7th, and open to the public between November 10th and January 6th. It will then move to the United Nations in New York.

After an idea by Volker-Johannes Trieb, curated by Mattijs Visser and organized by Till Breckner(Art & Culture International).
With artists from Armenia: Jean Boghossian / Australia: Fiona
Hall / Belgium: Berlinde de Bruyckere /
Bulgaria: Nedko Solakov / China: Huang Yong
Ping / Germany: Günther Uecker / France:
Christian Boltanski / Greece: Costas Varotsos /
Great Britain: Tony Cragg / India: Anish Kapoor
/ Ireland: Sean Scully / Italy: Monica Bonvicini /
Japan: Horio Sadaharu / Canada: Jana
Sterback / Croatia: Braco Dimitrijević / New
Zealand: David McCracken / Austria: Hermann
Nitsch (Image right) / Poland: Mirosław Bałka /
Portugal: Pedro Cabrita Reis / Romania: Geta
Brătescu / Russia: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov /
Serbia: Raša Todosijević / Slovakia: Roman
Ondak / Slovenia: IRW IN / South Africa: W im
Botha / Thailand: Rirkrit Tiravanija / Czech
Republic: Jana Želibská / Turkey: Cevdet Erek /
Ukraine: Aljoscha / Hungary: Sándor
Pinczehelyi / USA: Kiki Smith.

Entry only upon reservation

You can see the artworks at the following link:


Photos from the work of the Greek participation of Costas Varotsos