Photo: Ulrich Rückriem, The Shadows of the stones, 2008

Ulrich Rückriem – Shadows of the stone

Athens Conservatoire

Ulrich Rückriem, one of the most important European sculptors, is well known for his monumental stone volumes. His drawing practice is a parallel activity, which was produced in dialogue and organically linked to his sculptural work. The exhibition Ulrich Rückriem – Shadows of the Stone presents, for the first time to the greek public, a large part of his drawings, which extend over a period of time from the mid-1990s until today. Around 100 drawings on transparent paper as well as others made directly on the floor and on the wall of the exhibition space are on display.

Ruckriem’s drawings, which are articulated in multiple layers of transparent paper and are considered by the artist as “sculptures”, form palimpsests with an ethereal and poetic character. For his large scale drawing The Shadows of the Stones, which is the schematic representation of the shadows of a monumental sculpture by the artist, he mentions that “It was my earnest wish – for once – to unburden myself from the heavy restrictions that accompany the realization of a work and all the consequences following from it.”

In the exhibition Ulrich Rückriem – Shadows of the Stone, the artist, through the use of a simple geometric vocabulary, which is based on a series of principal rules and allows a multiplicity of variations, presents a rich body of work that is at the same time static and dynamic, predetermined and unpredictable, hermetic and open, austere and playful, challenging the spectator’s perception and imagination.

Curated by Tina Pandi