New Acquisitions 2017-2018

Temporary Exhibitions Space (Ground floor)

In the framework of the museum’s extroversive strategy and just before its full operation, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) presents a selection of works acquired during 2017 – 2018 from 5th December 2018 to 20th January 2019. This exhibition is a continuation of New Acquisitions 2014-2017 presented from November 2017 to January 2018.

Historical and contemporary works by 24 major practitioners, donated by artists and outstanding Greek collectors, reinforce the existing sections of the collection and add new directions in terms of research and reflection on the issues of contemporary art. At the core of the new acquisitions in the EMST collection is the significant and generous donation of 68 works – mainly of Greek artists from various generations – by collector Mr Dakis Joannou, as well as a large donation of works by Greek and foreign artists from a collector-friend of the museum who has opted to remain anonymous.

Human activity, archival treatment of the past, relation with life and death through symbols and references, Totemic motifs or the expanded and grandiose view of an ephemeral and often unnecessary daily routine are just some of the themes related to the works presented.
In a critical moment, EMST operates again its temporary exhibition spaces and invites the public for one more view in its new acquisitions reinforcing its core, its collection, before it is permanently exhibited on the museum’s upper three floors.


Maria Antelman
Dimitrios Antonitsis
Katerina Apostolidou
Bertille Bak
Aidas Bareikis
Vanessa Beecroft
Richard Billingham
John Bock
Jeremy Deller
Anastasia Douka
Alexandros Georgiou
George Lappas

DeAnna Maganias
Miltos Manetas
Michael Michaeledes
Olivia Mihălţianu
Julian Opie
Maria Papadimitriou
Vasilis Skylakos
Diamantis Sotiropoulos
Thanasis Totsikas
Dimitra Vamiali
Maria Zervos
Vasilis Zografos


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