Jannis Kounellis, "Untitled", Photograph: Agata Rucińska

Internal Mail

Museum theater / Durational theatrical performance

Permanent Exhibition Space

The museum theater company Heterotopia, in collaboration with the EMST Learning Department, presents a long-distance performance of museum theater, based on Jannis Kounellis’ Untitled, 2004, of the EMST collection. The performance will unfold via analog and digital media in the course of eight days.

*Thank you for your warm response, the maximum number of spectators (40 people) has been already been filled.*

Poetry is to make a thing that doesn’t exist.
Jannis Kounellis

Registrations should include: name, e-mail, cell phone number and postal address.

All personal data will be destroyed after the completion of the performance.

A journalist is preparing an article on an artwork that belongs to the EMST collection, Jannis Kounellis’Untitled, 2004, but her e-mails to the editor end up in the audience’s inboxes.

Over the course of a week the journalist shares her discoveries through a series of e-mails, and takes us on a journey where other things might happen too, such as a phone call, a strange delivery or an invitation to a meeting… At the end of the week, she visits the artwork, streaming live from her cellphone. The audience will be able to send her messages in real time, asking her to move in space instead of them. In the final phase of the experience, those who wish to, will be able to share their impressions in a shared digital space.

A space for dialectics and reflection opens up around Kounellis’ work, between fiction and reality. A site-specific performance that recreates the artwork’s space within us. A game around the question: What am I looking at?

The performance will take place over the course of eight days, from Tuesday June 8th to Wednesday the 16th of June 2021, and will conclude in live streaming the work from the location of the Museum, on Wednesday June 16th, at 7pm.

Maximum number of audience members: 40

Register to participate at learning@emst.gr until May 30.

Production, execution: Heterotopia
Direction, dramaturgy: Eugenia Tzirtzilaki
Scientific supervision: Foteini Venieri
Art direction: Maria Karathanou
Voice: Kalliopi Takaki

Coordination: Marina Tsekou, Education Curator

A commission of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)