Educational Photographic Project

Following the successful Educational Photographic Project and the exhibition “Expanded Conversations” organized in the framework of the EMST exhibition “Urgent Conversations: Athens – Antwerp”, the students of the Focus School of Photography and the Photography Group of the Rehabilitation Center “18 Ano” come back to EMST for a common educational activity. This time, the collaboration and the new photographic project that followed were triggered and inspired by Naeem Mohaiemen’s film, “Tripoli Canceled”, 2017, presented in documenta 14 at EMST (

Every Thursday, since May 11th, the two groups were gathering at EMST to watch the film, discuss and analyze it, talk about their own experiences, memories and feelings that the film triggered. On Thursday, May 25th, the actor and protagonist of the film Vassilis Koukalani joined the meeting and shared his experience from the shooting, the collaboration with the director Naeem Mohaiemen and the crew.

Afterwards, the participants, inspired by the film, the topics it deals with and the emotions it evokes, both through narration and through the shots, created their own photographic or video projects. For this reason, they were visiting the former East and West Elliniko Airport and the Civil Aviation Museum located on the premises of the West Airport, with the aim of approaching and presenting the subject from their own personal view.

At Elliniko Airport, the people of the Olympic Airways Workers’ Cultural Center warmly welcomed the two teams, narrated with enthusiasm their experiences and memories from the time the airport was in operation and shared their desire and struggle to keep and spread the history of Olympic Airways and the feel of the era.

A special moment of the educational activity was the meeting of the participants with director Naeem Mohaeimen on Wednesday, July 12th, during which they presented their photographic work and its concept. They also had a very constructive and creative discussion with exchange of comments and ideas for the further development of each one’s photography project.

The program is organized in the framework of EMST’s broader social and educational orientation which wants the museum to be an attractive and inclusive space for cultivation, entertainment, expression and communication for people of different characteristics, interests, and needs.

Design – co-ordination: Marina Tsekou, EMST Educational Curator, with the valuable help of Naeem Mohaiemen and Maria-Thalia Carras.