Hannah Toticki, Focus Wear, 2020 | Photo: Pinelopi Gerasimou


The exploration of self through the observation of artworks from the exhibition Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)

Sight is the most important human sense since almost 80% of information is collected through this faculty. Humans are particularly sensitive to light. Small differences in shades, tones, shapes and movements are perceived through sight.

Whenever we observe a work of art, we develop a degree of involvement, consciously or unconsciously, as we position ourselves in relation to what we see, evaluating the above stimulus in the context of our own experiences and memories.

Inside the museum, we wander between artworks which have been installed in such a way in order to stimulate dialogue; and we participate as observers-spectators, as part of an active process.

The creation of an image, either through photographic equipment (lens-based media), or through art materials, or through any other means, deploys visual thinking and representation, with light guiding the process.

In this workshop, we invite you to process the image of the self in relation to the creation of a work of art, in a lively space.

So what happens when we observe an image that captures or refers to ourselves?


The workshop is realized on Sunday, 24 September 2023, from 11:30 until 15:30 (with a 30′ break).

Introductions and workshop presentation | Experiential exercise| Guided tour, photography | Break | Art Process | Discussion and editing of the material | Closure


Athanasia Katerina Ramadanani is a Psychologist and Art Psychotherapist, who was educated at the University of Crete and the Art and Psychotherapy Center. She is an collaborates with the Eginition Hospital, as a freelancer, realizing individual and group sessions of art psychotherapy. Since 2016, she has been working as a psychologist in a private nursery school as well as in a private nursing homes. She also implements individual and group art therapy sessions and parent counseling in her own private  practice, and takes part in the creation and coordination of personal development workshops.

Alexandros Maridakis is a Health Visitor, graduate of the School of Health Visitors of T.E.I. of Athens. He has been working at the 1st Psychiatric Clinic of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens since 2011. For the last 10 years, he has co-ordinated photography groups for patients treated in the general psychopathology programs as well as the Special Personality Disorders program at the Day Hospital of Eginition Hospital.