Danil: ‘Art will be made by everyone’

Inv. No. 2151, Art Archive, National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)
Exhibition poster
Donated by Danil

Athens, 1971. ‘Art will be made by everyone […] You are already an artist […] When you know how to see you know how to create’ writes Danil (1924-2008) in the poster of his solo exhibition at the Goethe Institut – Contemporary Art Workshop, a place with strong presence in the cultural events of the time. A pioneer artist and proponent of the social function of art, Danil at that time sought stimuli in everyday images and used new materials and expressive mediums from the modern technological environment to create works aiming to the activation and participation of the viewer. At the same time, with the city as a background, he urges the viewer to learn to ‘see’, to discover beauty and to express his creativity.

Danil (Pyrgos, Ilia, 1924-2008) studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts. From the early 1950s he settled in Paris where he first followed the abstract painting and then the avant garde trends of his time. His works are in the collection of EMST.

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