The Internal Rules of Procedure of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens  (EMST) were established by a Presidential Decree issued on 01.08.2017 (Presidential Decree 78/2017, Government Gazette 108 / Α / 01.08.2017), as provided by the Founding Law of the Museum. The Internal Rules of Procedure define the positions of the necessary personnel, the recruitment procedure and the specializations and regulate every issue related to the internal organization and operation of the Museum, such as the structure of the Services, the division of staff responsibilities and the staffing, the disciplinary powers, the disciplinary misconduct and penalties, the proceeds procedure and management.
It is the result of long elaboration and close cooperation with the relevant departments of the Ministries of Culture and Sport, Administrative Reform and Finance and is an important step for the activation of recruitment for the completion of the Museum staffing with necessary specialties, through the ASEP procedures.


Internal Rules of Procedure of EMST (in Greek)

 Photograph by Stephie Grape