The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) was founded in 1997 by Law 2557 (article 2). It is a Legal Body of Private Law, of non -profit character, supervised and financed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The nine member Board of Administration and the Director are appointed by the Minister of Culture and Sports.

Among its basic aims are: the creation of collections of works of contemporary Hellenic and international art, the promotion and presentation of advanced and experimental artistic tendencies, the enhancement of the aesthetic and artistic cultivation of the audience and the development of scientific research on subjects of contemporary art history and theory.

Administrative Board


Georgios Papanastasiou, Architect

Vice President

Aggelos Antonopoulos, Associate Professor of A.S.F.A.


Dimitris Zouroudis, Associate Professor AUTH
Evgenios Matthiopoulos, Professor of Art History of University of Crete
Emmanouil Mavrommatis, Art Historian
Dimitrios Mpoumpouris, Lawyer
Olga Mentzafou – Polyzou, Art Historian
Nikolaos Christoforakis, Member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece


Katerina Koskina

Art Historian-Museologist and Curator of exhibitions. Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, since December 2014.

Born in Corfu, she studied French Literature at the University of Athens, as well as History and Philosophy of Art at Paris I-Sorbonne University. In addition, she studied Museology at the Ecole du Louvre. She has a PhD in Art History.

She worked from 1988 to 1992 at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi as a Special Advisor for visual arts. She was the Greek Commissioner at the 23rd Biennale of Sao Paulo in 1996 and at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005, and the Director of the 3rd, 4th and the 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2011-2015).

From 1992 to October 2014 she was Curator of the Alpha Bank Art Collection. She has been Artistic Director of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation, Athens, till the end of 2014 (1992-2014). She has been President of the Board of Trustees of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, from December 2008 till January 2015, member of the Artistic Committee of the Athens METRO from 1998 to 2011, and Artistic Consultant to the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games/Athens 2004 S.A. from 2000 to 2004. She is a member of ICOM, and of AICA Hellas.

She has organized, directed, curated and/or co-curated group and one-man shows and contributed essays to several books and exhibition catalogues, as well as articles in newspapers and art magazines.

She has been awarded as Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia and Chevalier dans l’ Ordre national de la Legion d’ Honneur.



Katerina Koskina
tel.: 211-1019002, 211-1019003, 211-1019011 /e-mail: emst.secretariat@emst.gr



Scientific Assosiate – Secretary

  • Anna Mikoniati
    tel.: 211-1019036 / e-mail: anna.mikoniati@emst.gr


  • Despoina Konstandinidou
    tel.: 211-1019002,3 / e-mail: despoina.konstantinidou@emst.gr, emst.secretariat@emst.gr
  • Nadia Gousiou
    tel.: 211-1019011 / e-mail: emst.secretariat@emst.gr



Cultural Managers 

  • Kassiani Benou
    tel.: 211-1019009 / e-mail: kassiani.benou@emst.gr, pressoffice@emst.gr
  • Despoina Barabouti
    tel.: 211-1019035 / e-mail: despoina.barabouti@emst.gr


  • Eleni Kalaboka
  • Kiriaki Tsolakidou


Department of Painting, Sculpture, Engraving and 3D Projects


  • Dafni Vitali
    tel.: 211-1019025 / e-mail: daphne.vitali@emst.gr
  • Eleni Ganiti
    tel.: 211-1019013 / e-mail: eleni.ganiti@emst.gr
  • Tina Pandi
    tel.: 211-1019021 / e-mail: tina.pandi@emst.gr

Department of Photography and New Media


  • Stamatis Schizakis
    tel.: 211-1019012 / e-mail: stamatis.schizakis@emst.gr

Department of Preservation of Artworks

Art Preservers 

  • Fotini Alexopoulou
    tel.: 211-1019023/ e-mail: fotini.alexopoulou@emst.gr

Department of Documentation, Archives, Library

Documentation Curator 

  • Anina Valkana
    tel.: 211-1019006 / e-mail: anina.valkana@emst.gr


  • Roula Andreakou
  • Pepi Drakoulinakou

Department of Education, Exhibitions, Publications and Cultural Activities

Education Curators 

  • Marina Tsekou
    tel.: 211-1019007 / e-mail: marina.tsekou@emst.gr
  • Elisabeth Ioannides
    tel.: 211-1019016 / e-mail:elisabeth.ioannides@emst.gr

Education Workshops

  • Dimitris Kannas
    tel.: 211-1019028 / e-mail: dimitris.kannas@emst.gr


Department of Administrative Services

Human Resources Manager

  • Stella Loi
    tel.: 211-1019060 / e-mail: stella.loi@emst.gr

Administrative Manager

  • Konstantinos Kontogiannis
    tel.: 211-1019004 / e-mail: kostas.kontogiannis@emst.gr

Office Employees

  • Dimitra Kokkineli
    tel.: 211-1019054 / e-mail: dimitra.kokkineli@emst.gr
  • Eleni Grentzelou


  • Giannis Limanis
    tel.: 211-1019037 / e-mail: ioannis.limanis@emst.gr

Department of Financial Services and Commercial Management

Accountant Assistants

  • Despoina Pagoni
    tel.: 211-1019005 / e-mail: despoina.pagoni@emst.gr, accounting@emst.gr
  • Christos Prantalos
    tel.: 211-1019022 / e-mail: christos.prantalos@emst.gr, accounting@emst.gr

Accounting Officer 

  • Odisseas Stergiou
    tel.: 211-1019018 / e-mail: odysseas.stergiou@emst.gr, accounting@emst.gr

Tickets Office

  • Aggeliki Dellaporta
  • Sofia Mavragani

Museum Shop

  • Maria Paraskevopoulou
  • Persefoni Sombolou

Security, Surveillance and Reception Department

Security Guards

  • Theodosia Koliodede
  • Stergios Lialios
  • Vasiliki Liopiari
  • Spiridoula Markatou
  • Leonidas Papaspiliopoulos
  • Maria Sakellaraki
  • Ioanna – Paraskevi Spanou
  • Xenia Argirou
  • Dimitra Leontiadi


Department of Maintenance of Mechanical – Building Facilities and Equipment, Hygiene and Safety 

Head of Electromechanical  Facilities

  • Panagiotis Vasilopanagos


  • Kostas Svolis
    tel.: 211-1019008 / e-mail: kostas.svolis@emst.gr
  • Michalis Pagonis
    tel: 211-1019032 / e-mail: Michail.Pagonis@emst.gr
  • Christos Routoulas
  • Kostas Katsaros

Mechanical Engineer

  • Marios Kokotos


  • Katerina Verdeli
  • Athina Spiliopoulou
  • Giorgos Spiropoulos
  • Antonia Theodoraki
  • Olga Markezini
  • Eleni Sanna

Department of Management of Information and Communication Facilities and Production Lab of Digital Audiovisual Artworks

Head of Information and Communication Systems

  • Diana Akritidi

Department of Exhibitions Production and Cultural Events

Head of Exhibitions Production and Cultural Events

  • Iro Nikolakea
    tel.: 211-1019014 / e-mail: iro.nikolakea@emst.gr

Technician for Installation of Artworks

  • Dimitris Naziris

General Duties 

  • Aimilios Petrikis



Aikaterini Kaftani, Lawyer

ΝΝΤ, Accountant Services

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